Repairs & Spares

Georgie's Horse Laundry has been mending and altering rugs for a more comfortable fit for a wide variety of horses, ponies and winter coats for dogs for nine years.


Georgie has also made bespoke rugs for "non standard" equines and also an Alpaca who had an unfortunate medical requirement to be shorn in mid winter ! He (the Alpaca) wasn't very pleased with the idea of a raincoat but fortunately remains the only customer who has ever spat whilst being measured.


From a simple broken buckle replacement to a full length rip and more (so long as it's economically viable) we can do it provided the rug is completely clean (as in unworn since last wash).


Georgie's Horse Laundry doesn't repair dirty rugs, HSE law dictates we are not allowed to, but more pertinently, quite apart from getting covered in mud etc., the mud dust trashes our busy sewing machines .   In reality "Can you just fix this tiny repair..?"  turns into expensive machine repairs and "machine time out" waiting for an engineer.   


We have worked out a POSITIVE solution to overcome this almost daily request;  if you don't want to pay for a rug to be cleaned but need to mend it:  please click on our RUG SPARES   button on the left hand side menu.  We have a full range of buckles, leg straps, materials etc. in a wide range of colours and materials so you can undertake the job yourself by hand as a temporary measure until you are ready to have your rug laundered.


We are always happy to estimate the costs of a rug repair, please click on the REPAIRS menu item for guide prices.